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Component and System Cleanliness

We routinely evaluate the performance of virtually any high-purity wetted component (i.e. fluoropolymer valves, fittings, regulators, filters, heaters, pumps).  Furthermore, we have the capability to test complete assemblies or even full process systems.  Utilizing our state-of-the-art ultrapure water systems, we are in a unique position to perform an online evaluation of the cleanliness of your product. Measurements include quantification of particle, particle precursor concentrations as well as organic contamination extracted from your product.

lighthouse NC30
Kanomax FMT STPC Scanning Threshold Particle Counter Model 9010
Sievers 500RL TOC analyzer

In addition, we offer specialized extraction tests in ultrapure water and several chemicals, at ambient or elevated temperature. Components can be installed into pre-extracted circulation system, with a closed volume, and allowed to extract for days, weeks, or even months. Grab samples are drawn from the system at predetermined intervals and analyzed to track your contaminant(s) of interest. In-house evaluations include TOC, FTIR, particle and particle precursor analysis via LNS, and many more. Samples can also be sent to partner labs for sub-PPT analysis (via LC or ICP-MS) of metals, anions, or any specific element/ion of interest.

Example TOC Extraction Rates at Elevated Temperature

TOC contamination extraction rate from various materials at elevated temperature
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