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Semiconductor and Nanotechnology

CT Associates has a long history of using and developing cutting edge nanoparticle and contamination metrology to advance industry knowledge and improve the processing and yield of semiconductor chips.

​Industry standard testing of fluid handling components, filtration, or ion exchange resin

Detection and speciation of inorganic and organic molecular precursors to quickly identify and control the source.

Operation of components at critical or wear-accelerating conditions per industry specifications, or suited to your specific needs, in a wide variety of common or hazardous chemicals.

Particle retention and initial-rinse testing of membrane, cartridge, or capsule filters for particles as small as 5 nm. Testing can be conducted per industry standards or to suit individual needs.

Analysis and collection of airborne particulate and contaminants as small as 2.5 nanometers.

Size and concentration measurements of particles in chemical-mechanical planarization (CMP) slurries, inks, emulsions, polishing compounds, and macromolecule solutions.

​Evaluation of components and assemblies for particle, particle precursor, organic, ionic, and trace metal contamination during rinse-down or extraction testing in ultrapure water. 

Characterization of particle contamination as small as 2.5 nm in ultrapure liquids using a unique combination of analytical instruments

Measurement of permeation rates and development of models to predict transport of gases or vapors through polymers, components, or assemblies.

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