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Delivery of high purity chemicals for the manufacture of semiconductor microcircuits with sub-0.5 ?m geometries


Donald C. Grant, Wayne P. Kelly, Lisa Clark, David Schell, Don Winkelman, Travis Lemke, Wayne Falla, and Norm Powell


Technological advances have allowed chemical management systems to meet the increasingly strict purity specifications for semiconductor process chemicals. Careful selection of system wetted materials has reduced metal extraction to analysis detection capabilities. Research on flow hydraulics has led to a better understanding of the behavior of particles in chemical delivery systems. A chemical management system installed at Motorola APRDL/MOS 13, assembled with high purity components, uses several advanced flow control techniques to minimize particulate contamination. This systems, which combines Advanced Stabilized Distribution, fab-wide distribution and startup stabilization, delivers chemicals with very low particle concentrations (? 1 particle/ml ? 0.2 ?m) and has negligible metallic extractables.

CTA Publication #25 in Proceedings of the Third Interational Symposium on Ultra Clean Processing of Silicon Surfaces, Sept. 1996

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