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Design, Certification and Verification of Technology for Delivering Sub-ppb, Low-Particle Chemicals to Semiconductor Cleaning Baths in Wafer Fabs


Faa-Ching Wang, Danny Charest, and Juan Campaneria –⁠ Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX
Loh Sow Wai, Irene Lye, Sock Khim Yeo, and Chen Kok Sing –⁠ TECH Semiconductor, Singapore
K. Y. Tey and Devinder Kaur –⁠ LaPorte Chemical, Singapore
Donald C. Grant, Dan Smith, and Peter Palm –⁠ FSI International, Chaska, MN


The wafer cleaning procedures used in new semiconductor manufacturing facilities require extremely high purity chemicals. Delivering chemicals of this quality requires careful management of the chemicals from their manufacturing site to the points of use (POUs) within the wafer fabrication facility (fab). Chemical management includes proper chemical production, transportation to the wafer fab and design and operation of the chemical delivery system within the fab. This paper describes the technology used to supply 15 different types of chemicals to more that 60 POUs in the TECH Semiconductor wafer fab in Singapore. The certification and continuous monitoring program confirms sub-ppb chemical delivery with particle concentrations of <3 particles/ml at ?0.2?m. Several challenges associated with the initial design and installation of the chemical delivery system and their resolution are also described.

CTA publication #16: Journal of the Institute of Environmental Sciences, 37(6):32-40

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