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Evaluating Three Generations of UPW Filtration Technology Using SEMI C79


Ryan Pavlick, Hokkin Choi, Vindhya Kunduru, David Neitling, Sriram Ramamoorthy, Vani Thirumala - Intel Corporation
Gary Van Schooneveld - CT Associates, Inc.


There is a need for new filter retention rating methodology in the semiconductor industry. The current Issues are:
• Historical retention rating methodology such as GNP, bubble point, and LPC measurements have reached their limits to predict the performance of the filter in the most advanced tech nodes.
• The use of production tools to screen new filter technologies is time consuming and costly.
SEMI C79 is emerging as a useful methodology in the industry in the evaluation of retention in UPW down to 5nm. This paper will assess the effectiveness of SEMI C79 to predict the particle removal performance of a filter in real-world advanced node manufacturing.

CTA publication #147: Ultrapure Micro 2021 (Virtual)

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