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Generation and recovery of high purity water used during the manufacture of semiconductor process equipment


Wayne P. Kelly, Donald C. Grant –⁠ CT Associates, Inc. Excelsior, MN
Cam Williams, Don Sauve, Mark Perrault –⁠ FSI International Chaska, MN


FSI International, a supplier of surface conditioning, microlithography and chemical management tools for the semiconductor industry, has undertaken a major project to improve the quality of the ultrapure water used at its production and laboratory facilities. The goal is to produce water that meets the SEMI/SEMATECH “acceptable” criteria recommended by Balazs Analytical Laboratory. Achievement of this goal is especially significant because more than 95% of the production water is recycled.

This paper explains how the purity of the water was improved by on-line monitoring, elimination of undesirable components and implementation of advanced water purification techniques. The improvements shown in the overall water quality were matched by an improvement in the rinsing time necessary for process tools to achieve required purity specifications before shipment.

CTA publication #23: In Proceedings of the 1996 Semicon Pure Water and Chemicals Conference, Sponsored by Balazs Analytical Laboratory, Sunnyvale, CA. pp 137-156

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