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Proactive Contamination Control for Sub 10nm Particle in Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing


S. Libman - FTD Solutions LLC
G. Van Schooneveld - CT Associates, Inc.
B. McIntosh - Georg Fischer Piping Systems


Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing has reached the limits of metrology measuring some critical contamination parameters and defects on both the wafers and in the high purity materials. The ability of the advanced filters to control particles sub-10nm is limited, while high purity materials used in liquid delivery systems have never been qualified for such small particles.

To cope with the metrology gaps, the Yield Enhancement (YE) focus team of IRDS (International Roadmap for Devices and Systems) has defined a new process of proactive technology management in the space of contamination control.

This publication provides an overview of the process including the most recent experimental data generated by YE IRDS team and SEMI Liquid Chemical task forces in support of the proactive contamination control. It also offers examples of how SEMI standards help supply chain in developing new solutions to proactively address critical contamination issues.

CTA publication #143: ECS 16th International Symposium on Semiconductor Cleaning Science and Technology, Atlanta, GA (2019)

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