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Advancing Nanocontamination Measurement and Control

Who We Are

Since our founding in 1991, CT Associates, Inc. has built a reputation for innovative and high-quality research, development, testing and instrument development in support of the semiconductor and medical device industries. From our technology base in contamination measurement and control, particle sizing technology, and filtration, we have expanded into other areas including organic particle precursors, component reliability, permeation measurement and modeling, and medical device testing. We have the expertise and analytical equipment necessary to assist you in new product development and solving your most difficult nanocontamination challenges.

What We Do

One of our core competencies is the measurement of nanoparticles. Our particle measurement expertise helps our customers identify nanoparticle contamination and optimize cleanliness in a variety of high purity process fluids. 

mixture of gold and tin nanoparticles with scale bar

On-wafer Particle Counting to 8 nm, with Raman Spectroscopy

CT Associates, in collaboration with UNISERS AG, has completed the installation of the UNISERS’ research and development wafer inspection tool at our Minnesota facility. The tool's new home is our recently updated ISO Class 3 cleanroom. The tool is capable of detecting 8nm particles and larger on a wafer surface. We are in the final stage of qualification and are scheduled to begin full operation by the end of February 2024.

In addition to particle sizing on a wafer, the tool has the capability to chemically fingerprint particles using Raman Spectroscopy.  Additional details can be found on the UNISERS website.

UNISERS LNS and KLA SP7 correlation

Correlation of mixed ion exchange resin extract as-measured in liquid (LNS) compared to on-wafer counts via UNISERS and KLA SP7 (Source: 2022 UPM IRDS SEMI Update)

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